ACG Deal of the Year Award Recognizes Successful Business Transactions

ACG Deal of the Year Award pic
ACG Deal of the Year Award

Technology-enabled logistics company GlobalTranz is a leading third party logistics provider in the United States. Serving a customer base of more than 25,000 shippers, GlobalTranz has earned numerous awards since its inception in 2003, including the 2017 ACG Deal of the Year Award. GlobalTranz earned this award for its purchase of Global Freight Source, Inc.

Every year, the Arizona Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), a group committed to helping professionals grow businesses, gives out its Deal of the Year award in recognition of companies and private equity firms that have undergone a successful capital market transaction, merger, or acquisition. These transactions must be completed during the year prior to when the award is given out and occur between at least two established businesses that made between $10 million and $750 million in revenue during the same year that the transaction occurred.

For a company to be eligible for the Deal of the Year award, they must complete a deal that created potential for substantial return on investments and promoted the strategic development of the business. Further, the design of the transaction must show a high level of professional expertise and help a company develop new markets, services, or products. At least one company involved in the deal must also be headquartered in Arizona or operate primarily within the state.


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