Worthington Logistics Solutions Acquired by GlobalTranz


Worthington Logistics Solutions pic
Worthington Logistics Solutions
Image: globaltranz.com

GlobalTranz is a freight management solution provider that relies on cutting-edge technology to provide optimized services. In the past six months, the company has grown quickly with the acquisition of several companies, including Worthington Logistics Solutions, a company that provides freight brokerage and logistics services. This acquisition expands the GlobalTranz freight agent model for its business and further secures its place as a leading freight brokerage company.

Over the years, Worthington Logistics Solutions has developed a deep expertise in the field of freight management and has become known for its strong commitment to customer service. These two traits made the company a primary target for acquisition. The company worked with GlobalTranz as a freight agent for the past seven years and credited the latter’s technology and back-office services for its success and quick growth. Kiki Worthington expressed excitement to become part of the larger company and contribute to its expansion of services. In addition to Worthington, GlobalTranz has also acquired Logistics Planning Services and Global Freight Source, a deal that received the ACG Arizona Deal of the Year Award.

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