Things All Freight Agents Must Do


GlobalTranz pic

From its headquarters in Arizona, GlobalTranz offers freight management services to its clients across the United States. In 2016, GlobalTranz achieved recognition from Transport Topics, a freight industry newspaper, as the United States’ 12th largest freight brokerage firm. In addition to providing its logistics services, the company maintains a blog filled with advice for freight agents. In one post, it lists some of the things that freight agents must do to ensure their success.

1. All freight agents have a responsibility to move any and all loads they oversee safely. It is critical that the right carriers are matched with specific shipments to keep things moving safely and efficiently.

2. Agents must understand everything about their loads before seeking shippers. They should take the size, weight, and shape of the load into account, in addition to understanding the value attached to the load and any unique characteristics it possesses.

3. Compliance with all local, state, and federal laws is essential for each load and route if the agent is going to avoid placing its partners and carriers at risk.

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