How Freight Brokers Lower Shipping Costs

GlobalTranz pic

One of Arizona’s largest and fastest-growing logistics companies, GlobalTranz provides shipping and supply management services to clients of all sizes. The GlobalTranz blog contains information for visitors about the benefits of its services, with one post focusing on the role freight brokers play in lowering shipping costs. It highlights three key cost-reducers.

1. Access to technology. Established freight brokers have technology in place to serve the needs of clients of all sizes, allowing them to negotiate acceptable rates for clients and automate many processes related to payment and shipping. Transportation visibility also is enhanced via the use of real-time dashboards.

2. Access to relationships. Freight brokers develop strong relationships with carriers to serve the needs of shippers. The latter benefit from such extensive networks through access to reliable carriers that meet current transportation industry regulations.

3. Less hassle. The administrative work, such as selection, pickup arrangement, quote evaluation, and transit monitoring, is the responsibility of the freight broker. This allows shippers to focus their time on other tasks.

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