Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Ventures

GlobalTranz pic

Arizona-based GlobalTranz is a freight management company that generates annual revenue of more than $500 million. It was recognized in 2016 as the 12th largest freight brokerage firm in the United States by Transport Topic, a trucking and freight transportation newspaper. In addition to revenue generation, GlobalTranz also focuses on corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility includes business practices that focus on the betterment of society. Below are several common types of social responsibility a company can practice:

1. Environmentally friendly efforts: Reduce a company’s carbon footprint or resource consumption due to its activities.
2. Giving to a charity: All monetary and non-monetary contributions to national and local charitable institutions.
3. Ethical labor practices: Ensuring the fair treatment of workers as well as providing them with a safe working environment.
4. Volunteering: Companies can send representatives to volunteer at charity events to give back to society without any expectation of getting something in return. Doing so can show a company’s support and concern for social issues.

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