How 3D Printing Could Reshape Shipping and Supply Chain Management

CloudDDM pic

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, GlobalTranz offers an array of logistics and freight services to clients across the nation. GlobalTranz is a national leader in logistical technology, and continually stays apprised of new innovations in shipping and supply chain management.

After a successful test run, UPS is now leading the way in 3D printing amongst logistics companies. The company initially introduced 3D printing as an on-site auxiliary service, allowing the public some access to an expensive piece of technology. Today, the company has integrated 3D printing into shipping and fulfillment services, which is reshaping the way the company moves products.

The company recently invested in CloudDDM, a 3D printing company. UPS now controls about 100 of CloudDDM’s machines, and is using them to fulfill orders of printable products. Now, any given company can create products that are either fully 3D printed, or require light assembly of 3D printed components. Their orders go straight to the bank of printers, and UPS fulfills orders once the product is complete. This type of creative logistics combines light manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment, changing the way companies fill and transport orders.

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