Automation to Improve Safety and Efficiency in Shipping and Logistics

GlobalTranz pic

GlobalTranz is an Arizona-based logistics company. It offers both LTL and full truckload shipping options as well as a full range of supply chain management options. GlobalTranz takes pride in ensuring that all shipments reach their destination safely and on time.

In recent years, the transportation and freight brokerage industries have established many new policies designed to increase safety behind the wheel. Moving forward, the next step in freight safety seems to be increased automation.

Collision mitigation systems, and particularly forward collision mitigation (FCM), have become increasingly popular in the industry. These systems track the speed of the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle ahead reduces its speed, FCM automatically applies the brakes if the driver fails to respond. This is meant to avoid collisions or reduce the severity of unavoidable collisions.

Modern freight trucks are commonly equipped with both adaptive and predictive semi-automated controls. In the near future, big names like Peterbilt will continue to explore automated steering solutions including lane keeping and traffic jam assistance to improve safety.

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