What Do Logistics Companies Do?

GlobalTranz Freight Agent Convention pic
GlobalTranz Freight
Image: globaltranz.com


A rapidly expanding logistics company, GlobalTranz serves its customers, regardless of size, by handling their shipping and supply management needs. But how does GlobalTranz benefit its customers, and why don’t its customers just manage their resources without a third party?

Logistics is the management and planning of resources, often according to a schedule or seasonal demand. Logistics companies like GlobalTranz handle the delivery of resources and offer shipping and delivery of materials in a way that is more efficient and organized than if the company for which they do so were to try to handle logistics themselves. Large companies may find it efficient to have a third party handle their shipping due to the sheer volume of inventory that needs to be moved in and out of their locations.

Materials are moved by car, truck, boat, and plane, depending on the scale of the demand and the company’s schedule. Logistics companies also provide services that hold and organize the products, thereby removing the need for the receiving company to find and rent out a warehouse themselves. However, some logistics companies only provide consultations and do not offer transportation or storage.

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