CarrierRate Technology Quotes, Books, and Manages in Simple Steps

CarrierRate software pic
CarrierRate software

Since its inception in 2003, GlobalTranz has been the leader in freight management services and continues to rapidly grow. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, GlobalTranz works with over 18,000 load carriers nationwide and has developed a proprietary task management solution called CarrierRate that helps ensure cargo is delivered safely and on time.

The CarrierRate software is a computer system that makes getting a quote on a shipper, booking it, and managing its delivery a quick and easy process. With its real-time quoting and tracking capabilities and flexible workflow method, CarrierRate can help companies and carriers become more efficient in their operations by connecting with each other.

CarrierRate can also help manage smaller Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments at less cost than some of the big-name carriers. CarrierRate shows a customer a wide range of pricing options and services, along with being able to safely deliver oddly-shaped packages at a decent rate.

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