Technology-Enabled Freight Management

GlobalTranz pic

Providing dedicated freight-management solutions, GlobalTranz is a Phoenix-based company with a presence across the world. With an independent network of freight agents, GlobalTranz offers world-class platforms driven by proprietary technologies.

Among the innovative tech tools GlobalTranz provides is real-time logistics, which enables agents to proactively manage issues as they emerge. Automated booking simplifies the transaction process, with faxes and couriers no longer required to initiate shipments. CarrierRate 2.0 allows shippers to seamlessly schedule shipments online. This in turn enables faster booking and quick responsiveness to pipeline shipments.

Another aspect of the GlobalTranz software platform is automated administrative tasks, with documents scanned and bills of lading signed-off electronically. This ensures robust back-end support related to billing, reporting, and accounting. With devices such as smartphones and tablets ubiquitous, fully responsive mobile websites represent another piece of the equation. A simplified interface, ideal for smaller, Wi-Fi-connected devices, ensures optimal customer convenience in arranging shipments.

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