GlobalTranz at Forefront of Businesses Expanding Services through IoT

GlobalTranz pic

GlobalTranz, a Phoenix-based logistics company specializing in freight management services, is at the forefront of businesses that are expanding their services through the Internet of Things, or IoT. The IoT, loosely defined, is a large information system that connects smart objects to the Internet.

Smart objects are devices embedded with sensors that allow objects to communicate with each other and track and manage operations. Examples include motion sensors that talk to each other and manage heat and light for a building’s inhabitants or car sensors that manage the car’s battery for maximum energy efficiency.

In the trucking industry, sensors are used to monitor engine and driver performance, The Wall Street Journal reports. In the next decade, the use of sensors and other IoT devices will expand, according to the online publication Supply Chain 24/7. The publication says that the expansion could increase operational efficiency and transform the trucking industry.

GlobalTranz is moving toward this transformation with its proprietary online transportation management system (TMS) CarrierRate 2.0, which enables customers to manage their shipping from an online dashboard.

GlobalTranz bills its TMS as a one-stop shop for freight. Customers can quote, book, and manage the full shipping lifecycle from the TMS dashboard. TMS features include live-capacity feeds from carrier software systems and direct tracking calls to drivers. Both speed access to trucks and drivers. The latter, which integrates the actions of humans, computers, and machines, is a touchpoint with the IoT. That touchpoint adds the human dimension between the interactions of objects and, in turn, to the utility of the IoT.

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