Experts Predict Continued Economic and Jobs Growth in Arizona

Arizona Economy pic
Arizona Economy

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, GlobalTranz is a logistics firms that specializes in ground and expedited air shipping. With a customer base of more than 25,000 shippers and annual revenues averaging more than $400 million per year, GlobalTranz has earned stature as one of the fastest-growing companies in Arizona. In recent years, the state has experienced faster growth than most of the rest of the nation, with increases in population, job growth, and real income growth expected to continue.

According to economic experts, Arizona is projected to gain millions more residents and jobs over the next three decades. That translates to greater personal income opportunities for the state’s residents. During 2015, most employment sectors have added jobs and raised worker incomes, with the largest gains in the professional and business services fields, followed by health and education services.

Current projections indicate the state will experience 1.8 percent job growth to reach a total of 4.4 million jobs in 30 years.

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